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Game Sites

Game sites vary in purpose and content. The popularity of online game providers makes you think that there is only one type of game site. However, if you have to include all types of game sites, you will be getting more website results for every search you make.

Game sites as game garages or online databases

These game sites provide you games for the purpose of downloading. The games you get from such game sites are yours to keep, although you may have to pay for them. However, some game sites do provide free games, mostly in the form of trial versions. Database game sites are recommended to serious gamers.

Game sites as sources of browser-based games

Games sites provide you games for online enjoyment. The games offered by these sites can be played only through your browser, thus the term "browser-based". You also have plenty of games to choose from, mostly in Javascript or in other software, such as Flash and Shockwave. Though you do not need to download and install such games, you need to have plug-ins, such as of Java and Shockwave, installed. These game sites are recommended to gamers who want to try a little bit of everything.

Game sites as sources of reviews

Websites that feature game reviews are also considered game sites. These sites are the best stops for newbies. These sites are also recommended to long-time gamers who want to try new games. Reviews limit the time wasted trying out games that end up very frustrating to play. They also give you overviews of games, letting you know which ones you will possibly like.

Game sites as abandonware sites

Abandonware websites refer to pages that focus on games that are no longer sold. These game sites feature computer games that are no longer supported by today's software. These games' copyrights are also no longer easily traceable. Abandonware game sites are recommended to gamers interested in gaming history or early versions of games.

Game sites as fan sites

Fans can create game sites, too. A gamer can create his or her own site. This site may either feature blogs or webcomics. A blog is just a fan's way of expressing his or her opinion about certain aspects of the gaming world. It is easy to get free web hosting for blogs. Meanwhile, webcomics are online comics that focus on a particular game or the gaming culture as the author and the illustrator see it. These game sites are recommended to serious gamers who are living and breathing video games. These gamers are the ones most likely to share important opinions on gaming.

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